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The wrecks in “Dique del Oeste” are located in the Bay of Palma. This ship cemetery has a couple of big ships longer than 40 meters, and other smaller ones. They were sank intentionally in the sixties, and the biggest one lays on the seafloor as if it’s still sailing.

The maximum depth here is 28 m, but due to poor visibility this dive requires some experience and advanced safety measures. The wrecks are covered by a variety of invertebrate species and a lot of fish use the wreck as a shelter. Some command cockpits, chimneys, holds, and decks are accessible.

The proximity between wrecks allows the divers to visit them all on a single dive since our boat moors on a buoy fixed to the biggest of the ships and the bearings are easy to follow.

With our specially qualified and experienced diving instructors we offer you a wreck specialty course which is mainly done in this spot.

Species: scorpion fish, barracudas, damsel fish, amber jacks and many nudibranchs.

Min. detph: 20 metros

Max. depth: 28 metros

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