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This beautiful and quiet little cove is worth visiting, for it treasures one of the most diverse dives of this area. A tunnel, a cave, arches and slopes will guide us along this interesting dive site. We start the dive when entering an L-shaped tunnel (25m long) at about 5m of depth, and wide enough to fit several divers at once. After crossing the tunnel we exit into an area of medium-sized rocks, and directly on your left there’s a cave with an air pocket that allows us to surface and admire the small beam of sunlight that filters through the rock. The most experienced divers can also enter a smaller extension of the cave where often different kinds of crabs and sea stars can be found.

Once out of the cave we will reach around 18 meters, where the last tunnel is waiting to be explored. Along the way we can see moray eels, octopuses, groupers, and many other fish. Inside the tunnel a big variety of invertebrates that seek shelter from the sunlight can be observed.

Other dives in this zones leads to interesting landscapes including a huge wedge-shaped rock formation.

Species: barracudas, sea crows, scorpion fish, salema, damsel fish, octopus, sea hare, gilthead seabreams, shrimps, bryozoans (moss animals).

Min depth: 5 meters

Max depth: 18 meters

cala montjo

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