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DefaultCala Fornells

This beautiful cove is just 10 minutes boat ride from our dive center and offers a good shelter from the westerlies. The shallow and calm waters, and the pretty landscape make of this place the ideal spot for novel divers and for divers who want to improve their skills.
Species: barracudas, scorpion fish, nudibranchs, amber jacks.
Min. depth: 5 meters
Max. depth: 20 meters
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Cala Fornells

DefaultCala Monjo

This beautiful and quiet little cove is worth visiting, for it treasures one of the most diverse dives of this area. A tunnel, a cave, arches and slopes will guide us along this interesting dive site.
Species: barracudas, sea crows, scorpion fish, salema, damsel fish, octopus, sea hare, gilthead seabreams, shrimps, bryozoans (moss animals).
Min depth: 5 meters
Max depth: 18 metros
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DefaultCanal Malgrats

Our second “house reef” is also a marine reserve. It is located directly in front of our dive center, 5 minutes ride with our boat. This area offers 3 different dive sites and is suitable for beginners and experienced divers.
Min. depth: 3 meters
Max. depth: 24 meters
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Inm Malgrats 400x284 1

DefaultEl Toro

El Toro is our most visited area by far: a marine reserve teeming with life just 10 minutes away from our center by boat.Six different dive sites that offer a wide variety of dives for both advanced divers and beginners.
Species: dentex, groupers, moray eels, octopus, conger, amber jacks, nudibranchs, sea crows, sea breams, salema, seahorses.
Min depth: 5 meters
Max depth: 40 meters
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Inm Eltoro 400x284 1

DefaultIsla del Sec

This little island is located in the Bay of Palma and encloses one of the most pleasant dives in Mallorca. It is a dive site available for divers of all levels.
Species: barracudas, black drums, nudibranchs, moray eels, groupers, salemas, damsel fish.
Min. depth: 7 meters
Max. depth: 30 meters
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Sec 400x284 1

DefaultLa Mola

La Mola is a dive site that satisfies every diver. The mooring zone is placed at 10 meters of depth, and from here different dives can be made.
Species: dentex, moray eels, groupers, barracudas, seabreams.
Min. depth: 10 meters
Max. depth: 30 meters
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Small La Mola

DefaultLlebeix Dragonera

This dive is located in the southeast tip of the island. The cliff that dominates this part of the island gives an idea of the dive profile.
Species: barracudas, groupers, amber jacks, gorgonias, tuna fish.
Min. depth: 8 meters
Max. depth: 40 meters
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20 Llebeig Dragonera2 1 400x284 1

DefaultMorro d´en Feliu

Morro d’en Feliu is a dive very suitable for divers of all levels. Its soft profile at the beginning of the dive makes it very suitable for Open Water divers as well as for those who want to participate in our snorkel excursions.
Species: sea bream, lobsters
Min. depth: 5 meters
Max. depth: 30 meters
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DefaultPecio Congrios

The Pecio de los Congrios is a unique point of diving in Mallorca. This is probably the most exciting dive we do. It is located next to the island of Dragonera. Divers who enter their waters must have some degree of experience.
Species: moray eels, congers.
Min. depth: 33 meters
Max. depth: 35 meters
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DefaultPunta Cautius

This dive site is situated close to Palma Bay in our eastern dive zone. Even though it is outside the Reserve Marina del Toro, big abundance of life can be observed.
Species: Groupers, Moray eels, Octopus and Scorpion Fish are easily spotted.
Min. depth: 5 meters
Max. depth: 25 meters
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Punta Catius

DefaultPunta Malgrats

In the Reserve Marina de Malgrats right at the tip of the biggest of the islands we have this spectacular dive site. The profile starts hight at the cliffs on the top, which abruptly falls and continues underwater in a vertical wall down to 25 meters of depth, where a pile of big boulders hide lots of fish and invertebrates.
Species: barracudas, grouper, lobsters, moray eels, dentex
Min. depth: 14 meters
Max. depth: 36 meters
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DefaultSa Madona

Sa Madona is a huge cave located near Cala Llamp, very close to the Andratx coast.
Species: barracudas, groupers, scorpion fish, moray eels, slipper lobsters
Min. depth: 7 meters
Max. depth: 25 meters
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DefaultShip Wrecks

The wrecks in “Dique del Oeste” are located in the Bay of Palma. This ship cemetery has a couple of big ships longer than 40 meters, and other smaller ones. They were sank intentionally in the sixties, and the biggest one lays on the seafloor as if it’s still sailing.
Species: scorpion fish, barracudas, damsel fish, amber jacks and many nudibranchs.
Min. detph: 20 meters
Max. detph: 28 meters
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4 Barco Hundido Dique Oeste Web 1 400x284 1

DefaultThe Cave of the Window

Cueva de la Ventana, or Cave of the Window is a cool dive site located in Dragonera Island. The dive profile is very unusual and surprises even the most experienced divers.
Species: barracudas, sea crows, groupers, moray eels.
Min depth: +10 meters
Max depth: 22 metros
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Cueva De La Ventana


The huge visibility is the main characteristic of the dives in Dragonera, which is not an exception at the dive site of Tramuntana. The currents that go through the area not only clean their waters but also provide the necessary nutrients to sustain the abundant fauna and flora.
Species: groupers, barracudas, lobsters and possibility of finding big tuna fish.
Min. depth: 25 meters
Max. depth: 40 meters
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