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El Toro is our most visited area by far: a marine reserve teeming with life just 10 minutes away from our center by boat.

Six different dive sites that offer a wide variety of dives for both advanced divers and beginners.

The dive starts at a depth of 5 meters at a platform that runs all over the island. From there, a vertical drop takes us down to 18 meters and then gently to 35 meters or more.

Rock formations of all sizes are home to a wide variety of life: from tiny and colorful invertebrates, to large schools of barracudas and dentex.

Species: dentex, groupers, moray eels, octopus, conger, amber jacks, nudibranchs, sea crows, sea breams, salema, seahorses.

Min depth: 5 meters

Max depth: 40 meters

el toro

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