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This small island located on the east side of Cabrera was open to recreational diving in 2007 by the National Park authorities. The original idea was to rotate the different diving areas of the biggest protected waters of Majorca. During the same year, a new spot in Conejera Island and the wreck of MV Ana Rosa were also opened.

The dive is carried out all around this little islet. The boat stops over a rocky bottom between Cabrera and Ses Bledes. We start the dive at a depth of 12 meters. The diver will be surprised by the amazing visibility, the clear waters, and the untouched bottom. Once we get close to the wall we will have it on our right hand side during the whole dive. As we dive further we will gain depth until we reach 25 meters of depth. A bit further out 40 meters can be easily reached.

During the first minutes a huge school of Barracudas can be usually spotted very close to us. The first groupers will start to show up, and as we approach the tip of the island their size will increase. Every diver can be impressed by the beauty and size of these specimens. Along the wall, between the crevices and holes, moray eels and Majorcan lobsters can be found. It is not rare to see small rays during this dive. Once we arrive at the other side of the islet the rocky bottom becomes shallower and gives place to a sea grass meadow.

During the last ten minutes of the dive we go through the channel between the islands where we can see schools of salemas, of saddled seabreams, and occasionally small lemon fish which come to this area searching for food.

Species: moray eels, lobsters, salemas, barracudas, groupers, lemmon fish.

Min. depth: 6 meters

Max. depth: 40 meters

isla bledas

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