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In the Reserve Marina de Malgrats right at the tip of the biggest of the islands we have this spectacular dive site. The profile starts hight at the cliffs on the top, which abruptly falls and continues underwater in a vertical wall down to 25 meters of depth, where a pile of big boulders hide lots of fish and invertebrates.

Seawards there is a foreland that starts at 25 meters and runs to 36 meters of depth. In the deepest part of these foreland is common to find lobsters. The boulders are covered by bryozoan colonies, and it’s common to se big schools of barracudas.

By the end of the dive we will be able to swim between the cracks that form between the shallow platform located right on the northern tip of the island. In spring and summer it is easy to see slipper lobsters in the crevices at shallow depths.

Species: barracudas, grouper, lobsters, moray eels, dentex

Min. depth: 14 meters

Max. depth: 36 meters

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