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Morro d’en Feliu is a dive very suitable for divers of all levels. Its soft profile at the beginning of the dive makes it very suitable for Open Water divers as well as for those who want to participate in our snorkel excursions.

The most experienced can reach depths of up to 30 meters. The transparency of its waters allows you to enjoy the local fauna and flora very shallow. It is even possible to see many slipper lobsters during spring time.

The special bathymetry of this area with many rock formations allows you to enjoy many different dives in just one site. Its proximity to the El Toro marine reserve makes it the perfect complementary dive after the latter.

During the anchorage it is not difficult to see wild goats on the cliffs that looks over the dive.

Species: sea bream, lobsters

Min. depth: 5 meters

Max. depth: 30 meters

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