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The Pecio de los Congrios is a unique point of diving in Mallorca. This is probably the most exciting dive we do. It is located next to the island of Dragonera. Divers who enter their waters must have some degree of experience.

A vertical drop to 33 meters will lead us to discover a wreck in the middle of the sea. A very deteriorated wreck where only some steel plates can be seen between the island of Dragonera and the coast of Mallorca.

The metal remains are home to a large population of moray eels and congrios that are not afraid of the divers. Some specimens reach 2-3 meters in length. Cautious behavior is extremely necessary for such encounters. In this dive it is advisable to wear gloves and hood.

Species: moray eels, congers.

Min. depth: 33 meters

Max. depth: 35 meters

pecio congrios mallorca

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