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Sa Madona is a huge cave located near Cala Llamp, very close to the Andratx coast.

It starts at 7 meters, and reaches 25 meters of depth, with a width of around 20 meters. It has two domes with air pockets where you can go up and breathe the cold fresh air inside. The top layer of fresh cold water creates a remarkable halocline and thermocline that forms an area of distorted vision at the interphase, very typical of these phenomenon.

The main attraction, and what gives the cave its name, is a sculptur of a Madonna in the far right corner of the cave..

Often anemones are found near this magical place, as well as slipper lobsters. Outside of the cave, big rock formations harbor scorpion fishes, octopus, moray-eels and other marine life.

Species: barracudas, groupers, scorpion fish, moray eels, slipper lobsters

 Min. depth: 7 meters

Max. depth: 25 meters

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